Central African Republic


The complex humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic is entering its eighth year, with over one million people internally displaced and people living as refugees outside of the country due to conflicts. An estimated 59 per cent of the population in need of humanitarian assistance are children.
At national level, Child Protection AoR is led by UNICEF and co-led by Plan. There are four coordination groups at sub-national level: Bambari (co-lead JRS), Bossangoa (co-lead SOS Village), Kaga Bandoro (co-lead Intersos) and Bouar. Through this approach, the CP AoR aims to strengthen prevention, response and the protective environment for girls and boys affected by armed conflict in CAR, and to provide an integrated response to make child protection more holistic approach to the different needs of children.

Country Key Contacts

Marie Louise Kjellstrom

Coordinator mkjellstrom@unicef.org

Privat Norbert Wozza

Information Management Officer pwozza@unicef.org

Key figures

2020 Response plan in numbers

People in Need
People Targeted
8.9 M
Funding Requested
3.2 M
Funding Received
Children targeted for PSS support through CFS
children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups (CAFAAG) targeted
Unaccompanied & Separated Children (UASC) targeted

2019 Key figures


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