Yemen has been devastated since the escalation of the conflict in mid-March 2015, resulting in a humanitarian crisis and protection situation that threatens the life, safety and well-being of millions of civilians, not least the most vulnerable already struggling to survive.
The level of need in Yemen is staggering, with nearly 80 per cent of the population in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. Indiscriminate hostilities and grave violations of children’s rights have continued across Yemen since the escalation of conflict. Children exposed to grave violations of their rights require a holistic protection response coordinated by the CP AoR: psychosocial support activities, mine risk education, case management and critical CP services such as family tracing and reunification, socio-economic reintegration, etc.

Country Key Contacts

Francesca Cazzato


Abdulrahman Al-Serouri

Information Management Officer

Country Overview

Humanitarian situation

After four years of continuous conflict, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the worst in the world. A higher percentage of people face death, hunger and disease than in any other country. The degree of suffering is nearly unprecedented. Eighty percent of the entire population requires some form of humanitarian assistance and protection, an increase of 84 per cent since the conflict started in 2015. The severity of suffering is shocking and all clusters raised the number of people in acute need. Acute needs are highest in the conflict-impacted governorates of Hodeida, Sa’ada and Taizz, where more than 60 per cent of the population requires help to survive.

CP AoR Strategic objectives for 2019
  1. Provision of protection assistance and services to vulnerable, conflict-affected individuals, including children and GBV survivors;
  2. Monitoring key protection issues (including violations of IHL/IHRL, displacement, vulnerable populations, GBV and child protection) in order to identify persons in need of assistance, inform the humanitarian response and advocate for the protection of civilians and strategic objective

2019 Key Figures


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