Publication: 07.12.2021

Join the new CPHA Community of Practice

The Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility and the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action are happy to announce that the Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPHA) Community of Practice is now LIVE!
The community is an online space for CPHA practitioners to connect and share updates, resources, and experiences to reach better protection outcomes for children. The community:  

  • Is open and welcoming to all child protection practitioners
  • Encourages peer support, experience sharing, and learning
  • Encourages formal and informal resource sharing

The community is moderated jointly by the Global Child Protection AoR and the Alliance for CPHA and is hosted on Changemakers for Children, a social networking platform organized by Family for Every Child.  The platform has a number of interesting features, including an auto translate function to allow the greatest participation of colleagues around the world. 
It is up to each one of us to truly make this community a new home for the sector, and we would love to see you join today!
Register here:  Please note that your registration form will be reviewed and approved, which could take up to 48 hours. 
Should you experience any challenges or have specific questions please do not hesitate to contact the Alliance and Global CP AoR community moderators through this form


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