Publication: 15.11.2019

Child Protection in Emergency Training

UNICEF and UNHCR have continued to further develop a Child Protection Training for Standby Partners (SBP) in response to the changes that have occurred in the Child Protection sector over the last several years. The most recent training took place in Gerzensee, Switzerland from 1st to 6th April 2019, supported by UNICEF, the CP AoR, UNHCR, and SDC. Twenty-four participants from Standby Partner Rosters as well as staff from UNICEF and UNHCR participated. Child Protection (CP) is continually one of the two highest profiles of need for UNICEF (alongside WASH) among SBP country requests, and the profile of these SBP requests has broadened to encompass CP experts in both specific thematic areas (e.g., case management, family tracing and reunification systems) and general child protection profiles, requiring diverse skill sets.  UNICEF and UNHCR have been partnering on this training since 2014 and will continue to support roster members in further developing their child protection capacity. 


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