Publication: 04.03.2020

Launch of CP AoR and GPC 2020-2024 strategies

During the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) there was a side event to launch the GPC and CP AoR strategies for the next five years, 2020-2024.

The following speakers representing GPC and the different AoRs presented their aims for the coming years: 
- UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection - Ms. Gillian Triggs
- UNICEF Director, Office of Emergency Programmes - Mr. Manuel Fontaine
- NRC Director of Expert Deployment/NORCAP - Ms. Benedicte Giæver
- UNMAS Director - Ms. Agnès Marcaillou
- UNFPA Head of the Geneva office - Ms. Monica Ferro

For CP AoR, Manuel Fontaine raised the need of children’s voices and the importance of working with other sectors, such as food security. From UNHCR, concerning the GPC strategy, the importance of noticing the climate of change was stressed, such as political radicalism and climate change and the growth of refugees in urban settings. For HLP, through NRC, the importance of land rights when responding to a crisis was raised. To enable individuals to return after crisis and to be able to provide for their families, as well as, avoiding further conflicts. UMAS also expressed the importance of Mine Action for both protection of individuals living in a contaminated area and for aid workers to be able to deliver services in crisis. UNFPA stressed the importance of victims knowing where to go and getting GBV assistance for from day one. 


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