EiE-CP Collaboration Framework

Education in Emergencies - Child Protection Collaboration Framework:

The 2019 GEC Annual Meeting focused on the protective role of education in emergencies and implications for coordination. A number of strong recommendations emerged from the meeting and the Global Education Cluster and Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility committed to work together to explore how to advance inter-sectoral coordination between child protection and education humanitarian responses.

Youtube EiE CP Framework

This is in an effort to increase the efficiency of responses and the effectiveness of service delivery for children in need of education and child protection, based on a consideration of ‘universal rights versus specialized services’. To achieve this, a joint initiative is developing a Collaboration Framework for education and child protection coordination staff and partners on the minimum process to ensure more predictable and coherent collaboration around the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC). This will include dimensions such as needs assessment and analysis, response planning, targeting and costing, joint implementation monitoring.

For each stage of the HPC, examples of promising collaboration practices from country coordination groups, as well as the associated tools and resources available will be provided. The Collaboration Framework will be launched at the 2020 GEC Annual Meeting and support for country level operationalization will continue through Q3 and Q4 of 2020. 

Please contact Michael Copland (mcopland@unicef.org) and Mackenzie Monserez (mackenzie.monserez@savethechildren.org) for more information on this initiative. 

And for detailed information on resources produced jointly with the Global Education Cluster on COVID-19, check this page.



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