CP-EiE Collaboration during COVID-19 Tipsheets

Local partners have a central role to play in the COVID-19 preparedness and response as movement restrictions have severely impacted the ability of international actors to travel to the field. Therefore, child protection services will be heavily reliant on local partners who live and work within these populations. It is therefore critical that local partners to be included in COVID-19 preparedness and response planning.

The Child Protection AoR (CP AoR) and Global Education Cluster (GEC) have teamed up to produce a concise guide, outlining tips on how to support local engagement in HNO and HRP processes. As a key aim of the Grand Bargain, and as an important component of the CP AoR's new strategy, Child Protection Coordination Groups should work to include local actors in humanitarian processes and support both their access to funding and inputs to strategy development. The tool provides key actions and guidance to help with these efforts.

In a similar initiative the GEC and CP AoR have developed a tip-sheet on Child Protection and Education in Emergencies collaboration to support COVID-19 response planning and HRP revision. It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is requiring new delivery modalities for both CP and Education responses and creating new risks for children in both sectors, so inter-sector collaboration, especially between Education and CP, is more important than ever in the COVID-19 response. This new tip-sheet “CP-EiE Collaboration in times of COVID” is aimed at Education and Child Protection Coordination Groups and highlights opportunities for collaboration at each stage of the humanitarian program cycle. It can be used during the development or revision of response and preparedness plans.


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