Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF)

Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF) 
The Child Protection NIAF is a framework anchored in the principles of inclusion, complementarity and contextualization combining information management and analysis tools available. The NIAF creates a common approach across Child Protection coordination and response actors on the continuous needs identification and data interpretation to enable a more evidence-based analysis and therefore, a better and streamlined operational planning of child protection responses in countries affected by emergencies and crises. 

Child Protection NIAF handbook 
A NIAF handbook will be ready in Q2 2020. The handbook is a practical tool to support Coordinators, IMOs as well as CP AoR partners to develop: a) Child Protection Analytical Framework; b) HPC key strategic document (HNO & HRP); c) Situation Monitoring Systems as well as Facilitation and Coordination skills during the identification and analysis of needs. 

Child Protection NIAF for COVID 19 guidance
Global Child Protection AoR guidance produced on behalf of the Global Protection Cluster. It is one of a series of supporting tools developed by the Global Protection Cluster and AoRs to help field colleagues analyse and prioritize during COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can find the NIAF for COVID-19 guidance here.

For more information and questions regarding this initiative, please see the NIAF briefing note here or contact: Boris Aristin Gonzalez (


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