Timid economic growth, improvement in the security situation as well as enhanced agricultural production have contributed to the reduction of acute needs since late 2018. Nonetheless, high vulnerability and deep chronic poverty continue to drive humanitarian needs. Burundi
is highly vulnerable to economic shocks, epidemics of cholera and malaria, and climate-induced disasters.
Difficult access to basic services, the socio-economic context and climate hazards are all factors of vulnerability that expose children to protection risks, through the development of negative coping mechanisms, such as dropping out of school, child labour, prostitution, and various forms of exploitation and human trafficking.

Country Key Contacts

Ildephonse Birhaheka

Coordinator ibirhaheka@unicef.org

Key Figures

2020 Response plan in numbers

People in Need
People Targeted
2.7 million
Funding Requested
Funding Received


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