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Alternative Care in Northwest Syria

Separation from caregivers continues to be a persistent issue in Northwest Syria (NWS), requiring an examination of alternative care pr...

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Guidelines on Mitigating Harm and Suffering in situations of Forced Eviction

Introduction  While a forced eviction in itself may violate human rights, it is recognized that humanitarian partners are not consis...

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Operational guidance note for Child Protection Activities in NW Syria in COVID 19

These guidelines serve as recommendations for professional workers in NW Syria during COVID 19 context, with experience in providing ch...

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Protection Cluster FGDs on quarantine and stigma (COVID-19)

In an environment of rapidly increasing numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in NWS, with specific concerns about a rise in cases in ove...

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Child Protection Case Management Guideline in the context of COVID-19

COVID-19 can quickly change the context in which children live. Quarantine measures such as school closures and restrictions on movemen...

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