Envisioning the Grand Bargain: Documenting the Child Protection Area of Responsibility's Approach to Localisation from 2017-2019


The CP AoR’s Localisation Initiative, grounded in the Localisation in Coordination Conceptual Framework, has taken concrete steps to operationalize localisation since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit and subsequent Grand Bargain.

The purpose of this assessment, led by Columbia University’s Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network, is to guide the Localisation Initiative within the CP AoR and among its members and wider stakeholders as well as to inform existing approaches to localisation while promoting a principled and effective child protection response.

The assessment examines to what extent the CP AoR’s approach and subsequent initiatives undertaken in the early years of the localisation mandate have helped to advance the agenda. It unfolds key outcomes and explores in detail whether they have been achieved. Furthermore, it highlights challenges and gaps and formulates recommendations with regards to governance and decision making, influence and participation, partnerships, funding, and institutional capacity. 

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Amman, Jordan
Applying deadline: 03.12.2022

Regional Localization Specialist / Consultant Contract(War Child Holland, in partnership with the Global CP AoR)

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