Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection Field Cooperation Framework

Recognising the interconnected needs of child and adolescent survivors, it is evident that Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Child Protection actors have various overlapping responsibilities in regard to response, mitigation, prevention and preparedness.   Both GBV and Child Protection minimum standards reiterate this need for intersectoral cooperation, and complex emergencies require collaboration between different disciplines to understand and address new and growing needs affecting girls and boys.

This Field Cooperation Framework (FCF) relates to Child Protection and GBV Area of Responsibility (AoR) Coordinators’ everyday practice. The Framework has been developed by and for GBV and Child Protection Field Coordinators with the aim of strengthening the collaboration between GBV and Child Protection Areas of Responsibility (AoRs) at field level to achieve better outcomes for children and adolescents and other shared populations of concern. Based on the IASC Core Functions for Coordination, the FCF provides practical suggestions for how the GBV and Child Protection AoRs can collaboratively address service provision gaps and promote complementarity in the response to shared priority populations of concern.

The Framework is currently available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.  

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