Leveraging Data from Child Helplines

The Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) has been working with Child Helpline International (CHI) during the COVID-19 pandemic to help child helplines leverage their data for greater impact. Child helplines are an underused but incredibly valuable resource for child protection data in humanitarian contexts. Child helplines provide free confidential phone support, counselling services and information. They are often an entry point to Child Protection services and collect a wealth of data that can be used. Non-identifying data from these helplines can be used to inform the efforts of coordination groups across prevention and response programme planning.  

The Global CP AoR and CHI worked with helplines in Burundi (Yaga Ndakumva), Mozambique (Linha Fala Crianca), and Papua New Guinea (1-Tok Kaunselin Helpim Lain) to develop short briefs that identify children's needs in each context.  The briefs can be used by coordination group members and the child helpline for advocacy on particular issues, resource mobilisation, and programme planning.  
Child Helpline International and the Global CP AoR also produced short videos, documenting the successes and lessons learned. These include an introduction video as well as videos with teams in Burundi, Mozambique, and Papua New Guinea. These videos will be particularly useful for coordination groups and child helplines that want to learn how to collaborate better, as well as coordination group members to understand what type of data is collected and useful for their purposes. 

Read each of the briefs from Burundi, Mozambique, and Papua New Guinea below.  

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