Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF) Handbook

The Child Protection Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF) is the approach that the CP AoR has defined since 2018 for supporting the country offices, in country Areas of Responsibility, and national and international partners to identify and analyse needs of children in humanitarian settings whether in natural disasters, complex emergencies, famine or disease. 

One of the fundamental tasks of Field CP Coordination Groups (CPCG) is understanding the CP situation in the context where they operate and plan an appropriate response to protect children and strengthen their resilience. The Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF) helps the CPCG in the field find a balance between resources spent on data collection /needs assessments to those spent on analysis, the real pre-condition for appropriate CPCG response.

The NIAF is not another assessment tool but a frame to help Coordination Groups through the 7 steps of the process (See below). The NIAF focuses on the various levels of analysis, from descriptive to explanatory to joint interpretation and planning, all necessary for CPCG colleagues’ response.

NIAF Seven Steps


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