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Face your Paradoxes

Complex systems often throw up paradoxes. After struggling with them for a while, we realise we can’t make them go away. So, what should we do? This worksheet offers one small approach. There are so many paradoxes we could dig into, this worksheet touches only on a couple, as examples.

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Examining interlinked SDGs in your work

Use this worksheet to examine your lenses and to think about some of the connections amongst the SDGs you’re working on the most.

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Strengthening Social Protection in Solomon Islands

Social protection plays an important role in promoting socio-economic development, reducing poverty and vulnerability, and protecting individuals, households and communities against shocks around the world. Solomon Islands is at the very start of a long-term process of putting in place a social…

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Hope and Harm: Children’s Experiences of Seeking Safety in Europe

In the last two years, over 2 million children have fled their countries of origin to European countries. They have fled alone, or with their families, predominately from the devastating conflict in Ukraine, as well as conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo and elsewhere…

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Save the Children Humanitarian Plan 2024: Acting Now to Protect Children’s Future

This is an annual report published at the beginning of each year to outline Save the Children’s priorities in support of children’s rights in humanitarian contexts. It looks at the key challenges that children will face in the year ahead and highlights our planned humanitarian programme and…

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Somalia Child Protection and Education Budget Analysis Report 2023

Somalia faces huge developmental challenges with consistent cycles of conflict and disaster -impeding Somalia’s ability to ensure access to all rights for all its children. This impedes Somalia’s ability to ensure access to all rights for all its children – in particular, access to adequate…

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Logros de la oficina de Bolivia año 2023

Les compartimos el boletín que presenta las actividades y los logros alcanzados en este 2023. Dentro del documento encontrarán los principales logros y actividades realizadas por área temática. Son muchos los retos y desafíos que tenemos, pero también hemos logrado avances significativos que…

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Plan humanitaire 2024 de Save the Children : Agir dès maintenant pour protéger l’avenir des enfants

Ce rapport annuel, publié en début d’année, déroule les priorités de Save the Children quant aux Droits des Enfants en situation humanitaire. Ce rapport se tourne vers les futurs challenges que les enfants auront a affronté dans l’année qui suit, et permet de mettre en lumière…

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2023 Malawi Country Office Stories of Change Resilient Economic Development Gains (RED) Project

Running from July 2019 to June 2024 with funding from Save the Children Italy, the project is focusing on the health and economic status of families with under five children, out of school youth aged15-24 years and women of childbearing age. In total, the project is reaching 4,200 beneficiaries…

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The community has good perceptions towards the management of acute malnutrition by community health volunteers: Findings from a qualitative study in Northern Kenya

Acute malnutrition is a persistent problem in Kenya’s drylands. In these settings, caregivers face geographic and economic challenges in accessing health services for malnourished children, leading to low service coverage and sub-optimal treatment outcomes. This study conducted in Turkana and…

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