RDC: Nord-Kivu - Rapport mensuel de monitoring de protection - juillet 2020 - UNHCR/Intersos

RESUME En juillet 2020, le Nord-Kivu a été marqué par une dégradation de l’environnement de protection à Pinga (en territoire de...

RDC: Ituri - Rapport mensuel de monitoring de protection - Aout 2020 - UNHCR/Intersos

Résumé: Baisse significative  des incidents de protection dans le territoire de Djugu et de Mahagi : 1662 violations de protection ...

Guidance for producing localisation dashboards

Designing a localisation dashboard allows a child protection coordination group to:  - Develop a baseline and track progress over time; - Sensitize all members of the coordination group to issues of localisation; - Provide a basis for discussion within the coordination group. 

Engaging with States in Conflict Settings or other Situations of Armed Violence

In conflict settings and other situations of acute violence, a number of considerations need to be examined to define what type of engagement is most suitable and with which state entities. This 6 pages guidance note provides elements to help child protection (CP) coordinators frame their approach…

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