Children's voice: maintaining and adapting for safe child participation during COVID-19 (webinar)

Organized by the CP AoR and the CPC Learning Network in the framework of the Global Protection Cluster Global Protection Forum 2020, this webinar presents different ways how children can be engaged as partners and leaders in child protection during the COVID-19 crisis. It presents the new ‘…

Tips for parents to reduce COVID-19 related stress and anxiety - 5 langages

A serie of tips to help parents reduce their own stress and anxiety and the stress and anxiety of their children. The tips can also be used by older children who take care of their children or by other caregivers of children. ENGLISH / ARABIC / FULFUDE / HAUSA / KANURI

Games when social distancing is necessary

Find here a selection of games for children of different ages in Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in which social distancing is necessary. The games presented do not require specific materials. ENGLISH / SWAHILI / ITALIAN

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