Moving Towards Children as Partners in Child Protection in COVID-19 Guide: From Participation to Partnerships

Children's participation remains a priority in the context of COVID-19 despite the challenges and a lot of initiatives are already happening.  This guide presents tips and tools to start engaging with children and to foster children's leadership. Examples of child-led and child-centric…

Voices of young children and adolescents - NE NIgeria 2020

In September 2020, the Child Protrection Sub Sector (CPSS) in Nort-East Nigeria undertook an exercise to collect and document messages by 1203 children (600 girls and 603 boys) in the three conflict-affected states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, north-east Nigeria. This initiative was one of a series…

Children's voice: maintaining and adapting for safe child participation during COVID-19 (webinar)

Organized by the CP AoR and the CPC Learning Network in the framework of the Global Protection Cluster Global Protection Forum 2020, this webinar presents different ways how children can be engaged as partners and leaders in child protection during the COVID-19 crisis. It presents the new ‘…

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