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LIFT Lab in 2023: A Year of Experimentation and Impact for Children

LIFT Lab is the global innovation team at Save the Children. ​ We support innovators to explore new solutions that accelerate impact for Children. ​ Our innovations have delivered results. For every dollar invested in LIFT LAB, our projects have raised more than five dollars.​ ​In 2023, we are…

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Logros de la oficina de Bolivia año 2023

Les compartimos el boletín que presenta las actividades y los logros alcanzados en este 2023. Dentro del documento encontrarán los principales logros y actividades realizadas por área temática. Son muchos los retos y desafíos que tenemos, pero también hemos logrado avances significativos que…

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The community has good perceptions towards the management of acute malnutrition by community health volunteers: Findings from a qualitative study in Northern Kenya

Acute malnutrition is a persistent problem in Kenya’s drylands. In these settings, caregivers face geographic and economic challenges in accessing health services for malnourished children, leading to low service coverage and sub-optimal treatment outcomes. This study conducted in Turkana and…

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USAID Lishe Endelevu’s Mentoring Program for Nutrition Services Providers: Report on Process, Results, and Lessons Learned

USAID/Lishe Endelevu’s clinical mentorship training program aimed to build the knowledge, skills and competences of frontline workers at health facilities, scale up effective implementation of high impact nutrition interventions, and support health facility delivery systems, contributing to…

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LEARNING BRIEF | USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project: Improving Post-Discharge Follow-Up Care for SCANU and KMC Patients in Bangladesh

This brief summarizes USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project in Bangladesh’s (MaMoni MNCSP) work to examine the implementation of strategic approaches to improve and sustain standard services and post-discharge follow-up of small and sick newborns in public health…

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Can light-touch enhancements improve postpartum family planning use among first-time mothers?

This factsheet presents a summary of findings from small-scale testing of an integrated approach in Tanzania.

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Investing in the Now and the Future II: The adolescent health & nutrition index

This brief presents Save the Children’s Adolescent Health and Nutrition Index. The Index tracks key indicators of the status of adolescent health, nutrition, gender equality and adolescent empowerment in 75 low- and middle-income countries against the finance policy and wider legal and policy…

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Never Forgotten: The situation of stillbirth around the globe

This inter-agency report presents a detailed review of the global situation of stillbirth. Reflections and analysis are made on the impact of COVID-19 as well as other global factors. For robust data visualizations, visit

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