Bangladesh: Technical Meeting minutes Child Protection Cluster - 23 January 2020

About the document: Meeting minutes of monthly Child Protection National Cluster meeting held on 31st January 2021.

AVSI_RDC_Rapport Evaluation Cash et Protection de l'Enfance_Nexus PEARPLUS_Novembre2020

L’étude examine l’intervention cash du projet faisant parti d’un programme multisectoriel Nexus PEARPLUS – « Participatory an...

Advocacy Checklist on Targeting and Costing for CP in the HPC

This working document provides a short checklist for those engaged in the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) to help ensure the identification of needs, targeting and costing within needs overviews and response planning is in line with the Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS) and more…

CP AoR Consolidated Help Desk Analysis: December 2020

The Child Protection AoR Help Desks responded to 869 requests in 2020, with 35% of these requests related to child protection responses during COVID-19.  To learn more about the most common types of requests and other trends, view the latest report, which reflects analysis across all four Help…

RDC: Sud-Kivu/Maniema - Rapport mensuel de monitoring de protection - décembre 2020 - UNHCR/Intersos

RESUME L’activité intense des groupes armés a dominé le contexte sécuritaire et de protection sur l’ensemble des zones couvert...

RDC: Nord-Kivu: Note d'information sur les arrestations arbitraires de PDIs à Nyabiondo, Masisi - 21 décembre 2020 - UNHCR/Intersos

Sujet - Arrestation de 10 PDIs du site de Bushani, - Torture et traitements inhumains Le 21 décembre, vers 15 heures, les présumé...

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