Accountability to affected populations - A handbook for UNICEF and partners

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) is about using power and resources ethically and responsibly. Despite our best intentions, assessments of compliance show we still have a long way to go when it comes to providing the right information to communities, engaging them in decision-making,…

Guide NIAF COVID-19 pour la protection de l'enfance

L'objectif du Cadre d’identification et d’analyse de besoins pour la planification de réponse en matière de protection de l’enfance durant le COVID-19 ("Guide NIAF COVID-19") est de déterminer les indicateurs généraux et contextuels de la protection de l’enfance qui permettraient d’ajuster la…

Tip Sheet: Integration of disability in Humanitarian Response Plans

The Integration of disability in HRPs tip sheet unfolds how to ensure a response to the critical problems of persons with disabilities is planned through the HRPs. 

Tip Sheet to Integrate Localisation in the HNO and HRP

The Tip sheet to integrate Localisation in the HNO and HRP lists critical actions to ensure localisation is embedded, explicitely referenced and visible in the HNO and HRP.

Tips for Integrating Localisation in the COVID-19 HNO and HRP

The Tip sheet for integrating Localisation in the COVID-19 HNO and HRP helps articulating localisation in both the HNO and HRP, in order to achieve a well-coordinated and effective response to COVID-19, where national and local actors are at the forefront. 

Video on Needs Assessment and Analysis

In this video, we can see colleagues from Iraq, Somalia, and South Sudan present case studies about how and why they conduct needs assessments and analysis.  Also, we have developed "tips for sharing and using the video on needs assessment and analysis". They are available in ENGLISH and in ARABIC…

Guidance for Alternative Care Provision During COVID-19

This document provides practical guidance to actors in humanitarian and development contexts on the adaptations and considerations needed to support children who are either currently in alternative care or are going into an alternative care placement during the COVID-19 pandemic. It expands on the…

Children, Isolation and Quarantine: Preventing Family Separation and Other Child Protection Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Drafted in collaboration with WHO, this UNICEF document on “Children, Isolation and Quarantine: Preventing Family Separation and Other Child Protection Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic”  aims at assisting Child Protection and Health actors to preserve family unity as the pandemic…

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