Working with other sectors to enhance outcomes of MHPSS elements of child protection: An introductory guide for child protection practitioners

Per the IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings, MHPSS is not a stand-alone area, but one that should be integrated into all sectors. Robust cooperation across all sectors is needed for MHPSS to produce the desired outcomes. Collaboration between child protection coordination groups with other sectors is essential for optimized outcomes MHPSS outcomes in humanitarian action.

The Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility, in collaboration with other clusters/sectors, has developed a practical guide on working with other sectors for enhanced outcomes of MHPSS elements of child protection. This guide is aimed at supporting child protection coordination groups to strengthen and maximize inter-sector cooperation and coordination. The guide will also promote more meaningful engagement by child protection and actors from other sectors in coordination mechanisms for MHPSS at country and field level.

This guide has been revised by independent specialists and validated by a group of child protection coordinators and sector specialists. Notwithstanding these efforts, we are aware that inaccuracies may arise as a result of information that was unavailable at the time of drafting, as well as useful methods and resources that warrant inclusion. This is therefore intended to be a living document that will be updated and expanded over time. We invite you to contribute to the recommendations and share your suggestions and experiences with us at

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