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Key messages for coordinators and IMOs

Key messages in relation to the revised 2020 HPC template. 

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Global Child Protection AoR Annual Survey Results

The Global CP AoR annual survey supports tracking trends and progress in child protection coordination and determining ways the Global CP AoR and other networks can better support child protection coordination. The most recent results reflect results from 30 coordination groups and cover 2019…

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Sharing Leadership: NGO co-leadership of Child Protection Coordination Groups at Country Level_CP AoR Guidance and tools

This guidance on NGO co-leadership of child protection coordination groups at country level was developed by Plan International and the Child Protection AoR to guide child protection coordinators and NGOs that engage in humanitarian coordination. This publication is built on a desk review, a…

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Perception Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Well-Being of Children and Child Protection Service Delivery in north-east Nigeria.

The Child Protection Sub-Sector in North-East Nigeria conducted in June a perception survey on the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and the well-being of children and child protection service delivery.  Involving respondents from 24 organizations providing CP services in NE Nigeria, the study covers…

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CP AoR Consolidated Help Desk Analysis June 2020

The latest CP AoR Help Desk consolidated report highlights cumulative request trends through June 2020 along with trends during the recent COVID-19 response.  Don’t miss the last page where we highlight other Help Desk achievements and contributions, including a spotlight on the latest work of the…

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Stolen future - child marriage in Northwest Syria a World Vision Report

"Child marriage is not and should not be considered an inevitability in conflict situations". Based on interviews with 626 adolescent girls and boys, families, caregivers and community leaders in North West Syria the World Vision report highlights the belief that, for 84% respondents, child…

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Usimamizi wa Kesi na Miongozo sahihi ya Utunzaji wakati wa Covid-19 / SWAHILI

Guidance developed by the Child Protection Case Management Task Force in Lebanon. The set includes:  One general guidance note to frame how case management work should be considered during the COVID-19, as well as how appropriate care of children whose families may be affected by COVID-19 should…

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