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Evaluating in complexity

In complex contexts, we must think about evaluation differently—but how? Learn about evaluating in an unfolding, developmental way.

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Understanding your economic systems

Research and reflect on the large economic system(s) within which sit the problems you’re tackling.

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Findings from Cross-Sectional Survey of First-Time Mothers in Dodoma Region, Tanzania

The Connect project implements community and facility-based interventions to increase first-time mothers’ (FTMs) postpartum family planning (PPFP) use, and that have potential for sustainability through institutionalization in existing government and community health systems. A baseline study was…

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Get more wicked

Go deeper into understanding what wicked problems and wicked questions are.

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Integrated Community Case Management Evidence Review Matrix

Assess the effects of the integrated community case management (iCCM) strategy on mortality for children younger than five years of age in low- and middle-income countries.

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The adaptive cycle journey: needs and opportunities

Use this worksheet to analyse your innovation, organisation, and personal transformation journey and to analyse both your current and probable future needs and opportunities.

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Systems relationships: actors in the system

Go further with these dynamics, by identifying specific actors related to each. 

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Scaling up, out, deep

This infographic is one way to think about what is happening at different scales in a system. In the course of transforming a system, all will need to be addressed at different times and in different ways

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Systems relationships and dynamics

Now that you’ve taken a few different approaches to understanding your system and seeing the dynamics at play, use this worksheet to think about the dynamics within the system you’re tackling. It’s likely you (and/or other partners and actors) will need to address all of these at different times if…

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Save the Children Child Labour Fundraising Brief

This concise child labor fundraising brief serves as a valuable resource for fundraisers, technical experts, and project managers seeking comprehensive information on child labour. The material is aptly designed for external use with donors too. Highlighted within are insights from rapid…

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