Child Protection and Education in Emergencies (CP - EiE)

The CP-EiE Collaboration Framework

Both education and child protection sectors have important and complementary roles in contributing to children’s needs to survive, develop and thrive, especially in situations of humanitarian emergencies. Based on the ‘Centrality of Protection’, inter-sectoral approaches reflect the interconnected needs of children and emphasise our collective responsibility to protect children.

Youtube EiE CP Framework


The Global Education Cluster and Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility have committed to work together to strengthen inter-sector coordination between child protection and education, and jointly developed a Child Protection (CP) -Education in Emergencies (EiE) Collaboration Framework:

The CP-EiE Collaboration framework supports Education and CP coordination teams’ predictable and coherent collaboration throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC). At each step of the HPC, it provides steps to strengthen CP-EiE collaboration, promising collaboration practices from country coordination groups, and tools and resources to support collaboration.

Watch the below short introduction video to the CP-EiE Collaboration Framework: 

CP-EiE Collaboration Framework introduction

Through collaboration, CP and Education coordination groups can together enhance the quality, coverage and accountability of the humanitarian response, and reach more children in need. The Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility are providing dedicated support to country level CP-EiE collaboration efforts.

For more information and to request support: please contact your global coordinators or GEC and CP AoR  helpdesks.

CP-EiE collaboration during COVID-19: for detailed information on resources produced jointly with the Global Education Cluster, see here.




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