Cameroon: North-West and South-West Crisis, Situation Report N°22 as of 31 August 2020

AUGUST 2020 HIGHLIGHTS Attacks on education actors have been reported in the North-West and South-West regions with a teacher killed...

Key Aspects on the Activation of Child Protection Coordination Mechanisms, 2020

Among others, this 3 pages technical document lists key considerations to activate a CP coordination platform to respond to emergencies - as well as  a number of adaptable tools

Child Protection minimum coordination activities and strategic indicators, 2020

This document is intended for Coordinators of Child Protection Coordination Groups to: - Identify a minimum package of coordination activities to be implemented for an efficient and timely child protection response. - Increase predictability and clarity for key stakeholders on what to expect from…

AFGHANISTAN: Humanitarian Response Plan 2018-2021 - Mid-Year Monitoring Report (Jan - Jun 2020)

Summary After 40 years of war, annual natural disasters and persistent poverty, the people of Afghanistan have been dealt another dead...

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