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UNPROTECTED: Special Edition - Analysis of Funding for Child Protection in Armed Conflict in 2021 and 2022

Oslo Conference on Protecting Children in Armed Conflict 5–6 June 2023 The impact of armed conflict on children is one of the most pressing humanitarian concerns today. A strong humanitarian child protection response is critical to protect children and promote their rights, dignity, and resilience…

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Working with other sectors to enhance outcomes of MHPSS elements of child protection: An introductory guide for child protection practitioners

Per the IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings, MHPSS is not a stand-alone area, but one that should be integrated into all sectors. Robust cooperation across all sectors is needed for MHPSS to produce the desired outcomes. Collaboration between child…

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HNO and HRP Quality Checklist for Localization

This quality checklist reviews why localization is important to reflect in Humanitarian Needs Overviews (HNOs) and Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) as well as how to include in Child Protection Coordination Group HNOs and HRPs.  This 2-page resource also includes a sample HRP Project Sheet on…

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Framework for Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of National and Local Actors

The goal of this framework is to support local and national members of Child Protection and Education country coordination groups to improve their operational capacity in key areas. This investment is expected to lead to measurable results in achieving their organization’s goals and objectives.…

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