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HNO and HRP Quality Checklist for Localization

This quality checklist reviews why localization is important to reflect in Humanitarian Needs Overviews (HNOs) and Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) as well as how to include in Child Protection Coordination Group HNOs and HRPs.  This 2-page resource also includes a sample HRP Project Sheet on…

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Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection Field Cooperation Framework

Recognising the interconnected needs of child and adolescent survivors, it is evident that Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Child Protection actors have various overlapping responsibilities in regard to response, mitigation, prevention and preparedness.   Both GBV and Child Protection minimum…

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Case Studies: Implementing a National Action Plan for CPHA in Kenya & Malawi

These case studies from Kenya and Malawi, prepared by the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network and Global CP AoR in collaboration with country coordination groups, document various successes and challenges related of strengthening coordination and localisation.  This analysis aims…

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Save the Children Graphic Design Consultancy ToR

From 2019-2021, on behalf of the Global CP AoR, Save the Children and Street Child UK have delivered localization in coordination initiatives in nine countries. A range of approaches and tools have been developed to strengthen leadership by and meaningful participation of national and local actors…

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Framework for Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of National and Local Actors

The goal of this framework is to support local and national members of Child Protection and Education country coordination groups to improve their operational capacity in key areas. This investment is expected to lead to measurable results in achieving their organization’s goals and objectives.…

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Localisation dashboards - Guidance and Toolkit

Designing a localisation dashboard allows a child protection coordination group to:  - Develop a baseline and track progress over time; - Sensitize all members of the coordination group to issues of localisation; - Provide a basis for discussion within the coordination group. The toolkit provides…

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Launch Event: Framework for Strengthening Institutional Capacity Strengthening of National and Local Actors

Join the Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) and the Global Education Cluster (GEC) on Thursday, 19 August 2021, at 12 - 1pm CET as we launch our new Framework outlining how national level coordination groups can support national and local partners strengthen their institutional…

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Bangladesh Local Child Protection Focal Point Case Study

This Case Study outlines the benefits of supporting national organizations to sustain local Child Protection Focal Point (CP FP) positions through multi-year funding, as highlighted by the experience of Samaj Kallyan O Unnoyon Sangstha (SKUS) in Bangladesh.  Locally-recruited staff based directly…

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