Protection Sector Working Group Minutes (22 September 2020)

Protection Sector Working Group Minutes (22 September 2020)

HNO and HRP process for CP AoR

In this presentation to CP coordinators and IMOs (October 1st 2020) the CP AoR presents ways to estimate CP severity and CP target population . The presentation also includes MHPSS elements. 

Haiti: COVID-19 Border Monitoring, Weekly Situation Report 23 (07 - 20 September 2020)

In response, the Government of Haiti has communicated many important instructions to minimize the spread of the dis- ease, particularly...

Chad: Quick Alerts - 9 October 2020

HEALTH SITUATION COVID-19 update As of 7 October, there have been 1,262 reported cases and 89 deaths in 17 provinces. Between 4 and 7...

Nigeria North-East: Adamawa State Humanitarian Situation Analysis (January - August 2020)

CONTEXT Adamawa State continues to experience increased humanitarian needs driven by conflict, including attacks by non-state armed gr...

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